Fabio Curto was born in Acri, Calabria in the south of Italy but since the completion of his high school education, has lived in Bologna, Emilia Romagna.  After completing his degree in political science with a major in criminology at the renowned University of Bologna,  he had to make a critical choice.

In his own words:

“I was born in Acri in the province of Cosenza, a place where the seasons feel completely free to reveal themselves in their  total splendour.  My first  experimentation with music began with the piano and the mouth organ at the age of five. My curiosity was insatiable.  I began composing and started playing the guitar and at the same time learned to play the bass guitar and drums. Whenever I heard a melody and was stolen away, I knew  somehow inside, that I understood the mechanisms behind its composition.  It was natural for me to make this language mine and then use it express the things that move me. For as long as I can remember, musical composition happens spontaneously in my mind, sparked by  my senses….odours, tastes, images, and tact.  Music was a totalizing experience and also the space where  I was always completely at home.  At the completion of my university degree in political science, I realized that music was my life and decided to throw myself completely into my musical studies and career….definitely not an easy task starting from zero…but I was very determined and serious in the undertaking.

In this period I earned my living as a street musician.  This context gave me the opportunity  to experiment and develop my musicianship adding new instruments and perfecting my own style.  The hard work led to my first more mature compositions and in 2012, two cds “Stelle Rospe e Farfalloni”   and  “La Van Guardia” recorded with the band by the same name.

Along my musical pathway, I  then had  the great fortune of meeting up with Nazareno De Luca, a brilliantly sensitive and knowledgeable musician, who helped me look at my music from a different perspective. At my side,  he gave me invaluable insight into composing and arranging and our collaboration became fundamental to yet another direction.  The addition of the string quartet formed by Giacomo Serra, Vienna Camerota, Carlotta Aramu, and Ismael Huertas Gomez,  was a unique experience right from the beginning.  We were searching for something anchored in the classical melodies we all loved and didn’t want to forget, but free to move into the experimental zone. Our intention was not to revolutionize Italian Song, but to keep the memory of its traits alive and create concerts with a strong emotional impact.

I owe everything to the wonderful musicians who have joined me in my journey….tenaciously convinced of the beauty of our projects and continuing adventure.  They have given me strength constantly and during the rough times have helped me to believe in myself.  All this makes me feel like the happiest man on earth!   My aim with my music has always been and will always be, to sincerely communicate my emotions and give emotions while allowing my listeners their own space to feel permeated by what they hear….an alternative to verbal language.”

Since the writing of these autobiographical thoughts,  Fabio has continued travelling all over northern and eastern Europe as a street musician to earn his daily bread….. again a learning experience both personally and as a musician.  In Hungary,  Romania,  and Transylvania  as he listened to humble people playing their instruments passionately, he learned what the true spirit of great artists was…..he then realized that he would never more abandon music for anything else!

On a personal note,  Fabio Curto, the landslide winner of the Italian National television program “The Voice of Italy” loves nature, his animals, solitude and reflection, writing, swimming and track and field athletics.  He is very reserved and protective about his home life.

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