Il Mercato della Terra
by on December 1, 2016 in News

Il Mercato della Terra, un posto a Bologna dove riesco a respirare qualcosa di veramente simile al sabato del mio paese da bambino.

I couldn’t not post this video.  After more than a year, going back to play and sing on the street was an amazingly emotional experience.  I began at my usual time, 11:00 a.m. and immediately felt really relaxed and at “home” as in very few other occasions. I then suddenly understood completely why making music on the street has always given and continues to give me so much satisfaction.  When I’m playing in the midst of people who are casually passing, I’m totally wrapped in the magic of the moment…..and I don’t need anything.  It’s wonderful to be able to perceive the simple action of a man just doing what makes him feel good, as an unexpected gift. There’s nothing else like it……and I thank you all!

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